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What makes Runway different?

Just a handful of the great features that make Runway standout from the crowd.

adjust settings Theme Options Builder

Setup custom theme options with simple drag and drop controls. Make admin menus, options pages, custom fields and more from the Runway Options Builder interface. Display options in group using containers, or separate them with tabbed pages.

application create new Child Theme Generator

Build child themes using the integrated Runway Theme Manager. Control every aspect of your theme’s life-cycle from creation to distribution. Deploy your finished work as a child theme, or as a standalone theme without the Runway framework.

application minimizing Framework Independent

Automatically compile your Runway theme into a self-contained standalone version, independent of Runway. This allows you to distribute standard WordPress themes without the framework tagging along as a parent theme.

shopping basket Extend and Enhance

Runway’s modular design is easily enhanced with Extensions. Similar to WordPress plugins, extensions can add nearly any functionality and even better they can attach to the theme as integrated functionality or be installed as WordPress plugins.

empty space with dotted rectangle Custom Branding

Completely white label and ready for re-branding. We’ve built custom branding controls to let you add your logo and personalize the admin. Use extensions to override the WordPress branding for a seamless user experience.

shield with check mark Reliable Support

The backbone of any open source project is the community, and great support is where that starts. We believe in Runway and make supporting it our top priority. Our goal is to make your project a success and we’re here to help make sure that happens.

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