A better way to create WordPress themes.

More than a framework, Runway is a powerful development environment for making awesome WordPress themes.


Features Overview

These are just a few of the features that make Runway awesome.


Integrated child theme management.

Create and manage themes in a working development environment. Manage your child themes from one location to easily add, edit and even duplicate any child theme. Instantly update with the latest features ready to be exported as stand-alone themes and pushed to your clients as theme updates.

Runway - Themes


Create your own theme options.

Runway features an Options Builder that makes it easy to create custom options pages for your theme. Instead of coding a complicated array, use simple drag-and-drop. Generate theme admin menus and options pages directly from your WordPress admin. Populate your custom theme admin with inputs selected by you from the Options Builder interface. Group the content with containers, or split the fields across tabs. You can even add custom fields so if you need something we didn’t already think of you can add it yourself.

Options Builder Edit Screen


Manage the WordPress admin.

No more hacking theme code, Runway will enable you to add, edit and organise theme menus without any coding. If a theme is built with Runway it makes it easy to customise the permissions and theme options for any custom admin structures. Quickly modify admin options specific to a client’s needs using a nice admin interface.

Theme Options Menu


Extended and enhanced functionality.

Runway is modular and uses extensions to enhance functionality. In many ways extensions are like the WordPress plugins you’ve become accustomed to using to extend and enhance theme functionality. The big difference is when you export your finished theme Runway extensions become an integrated part of that theme.

Code Screenshot


Designed for re-branding.

Develop your themes with yourself and your clients in mind. Just because your theme is using the Runway framework doesn’t mean you have to broadcast that information. You can brand your theme any which way you like, we are not interested in taking credit for your creativity. It’s 100% your theme.

Custom Branding


Framework independence.

Develop a Runway child theme or “package” the structure into a single, stand-alone theme, independent of the Runway framework. You can distribute your theme as a Runway child or a single independent theme. This helps you to build individual brand recognition for your themes.

Export Themes

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