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Include WordPress plugins in themes and automatically install them after theme activation. Using a simple user interface to add plugin, set requirements and package with your theme. Providing extended theme functionality with plugins is a WordPress best practice. It helps to maintain the separation of design and functionality. This becomes important as site grow over time, letting users more easily manage the site. Runway is designed to encourage WordPress best practices. The Plugin Installer is an example of a powerful tool made easy to use, a key aspect of our philosophy, and to promote these concepts.

Upload Any Plugin or Select One From the Repository

Choose a plugin file or select any plugin from the WordPress repository. You have freedom to create your own custom plugins for extended theme functionality without direct integration into your theme. You can also select any plugin to automatically install. Include popular and free plugins for features such as contact forms, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

Admin Notifications and Simple User Instructions

After a theme is activated a notification invites the user to install the included plugins. With just a clicks the plugin is automatically installed and activated in a single step. Your users don’t need to upload files or search the repository. Simply click the install button and they’re done. We’ve reduced the support that can come along with installing external features by making it easy. The Plugin Installer includes helpful tips along the way to guide the user and ensure them they’re doing things right. No more confusion or extra support because someone can’t install the required plugins. This takes care of everything.

Specify Required or Optional

Two types of plugins can be packaged with a theme, “Required” and “Recommended“. A recommended plugin is optional. A notification is shown to the user asking them to install and activate it, but also allows the user to dismiss the notice if they choose. A required plugin is one the theme needs to work properly. If you specify a plugin to be required the notification prompting the user to install will remain until the plugin is installed and active. This ensures functionality required for the theme to work is always included. It also prevents unnecessary support due to user error or not reading the documentation.

Install Runway Extensions as Plugins

The Plugin Installer also allows any Runway Extension to be automatically installed as a plugin! This is a major feature because it allows you to optionally make any add-on created for Runway install as a native WordPress plugin. By default an Extension is designed to install as native theme functionality. It’s kind of like our own plugin functionality, but being integrated with the theme rather than WordPress. Extensions can travel with a theme so you can create powerful modular code that easily runs as a default theme feature. With the addition of letting an extension install as a plugin into WordPress using the Plugin Installer, you get the best of both worlds. It is entirely up to you to decide how and where you want to include the features and functionality of your theme because we’ve made all the options available to you.


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