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    richard rubbra

    Hi, I am getting my head around this and have found that I cannot install the layouts manager. I get
    “WordPress Templates extension: File layout-manager.zip not found on server” error. I can download it from your site but not sure how I install it as neither as a theme nor as a plugin can I.
    Thanks for any advice.


    Andy Wilkerson

    If you go to the “Runway > Extensions” page of the WordPress admin you can upload the extension directly. You can also extract the file and manually copy it to the wp-content/runway-framework/extensions directory.




    Sorry Andy but there is no .ZIP file in the « wp-content/runway-framework/extensions directory » and the link bring us to PAYPALL.

    I do not use PAYPALL and I do not wish to us it (even at 0.00$ I find the forcing of action this very disturbing).

    Anywhere else we can obtain the FREE copy of the « File layout-manager » for evaluation.




    Andy Wilkerson

    I have no idea what you’re talking about @ducktape because the original question was about how to install the Layout Manager not where to download it. Nobody said there was any sort of ZIP file in the extensions directory. Read the original question and response.

    You shouldn’t need to use PayPal (not PAYPALL) for any free downloads. We’re not forcing any action. I’m finding your message very disturbing.

    The Runway framework and all of the extensions can be downloaded free from our GitHub repository:


    For future reference if you want to ask someone for help, especially with their free product, try and be polite and respectful. Don’t lead off with accusations and anger.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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